Thursday, December 3, 2009

Free Lunch hosted its first Black Friday Comic Fest

Free Lunch hosted its first Black Friday Comic Fest on November 27th. Participants came to learn about graphic storytelling and to apply it to their own comic story or strip...but there was a catch...instead of drawing out panels, they used sticky notes! This idea was borrowed from our friends at Cartoonists Conspiracy. This fun event lasted 2+ hours and was well attended by people young and old. A workshop that will definitely be conducted again.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mini Comic Madness Returns!

New contender, Justin "The Deadfool" took over the five hour mini comic marathon to take the honor of being our newest FLS Mini Comic Madness champion. Keep an eye on for the announcement for Mini Comic Madness 3!

Current MCM Champion: Justin "The Deadfool"
MCM1 Champion: "Mad Dog" Maddie

Sunday, November 1, 2009

King of the Monster Mountain!

An amazing turnout for King of the Monster Mountain this Halloween! The Free Lunch Studios office WAS PACKED! There were 15 competitors of all ages and just as many spectators! The King of the Mountain ended with an epic battle between Brandon and Mike's monsters, leaving Brandon atop Monster Mountain. He ended up winning a T-shirt featuring this very pic with his beastie on it! Congrats Brandon!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Granby Open Studio Tour!

Every October, the Granby Artists open their studio doors to the public. This year Free Lunch Studios made its debut. All weekend, people came to Free Lunch to see what was going on behind its doors. Matt and Steve took turns running workshops each day for people to observe. We want to thank everyone that stopped by and we hope to see you all again!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Free Lunch Studios hosts 24 Hour Comic Day

A gathering of dedicated indy comic artists gathered at the Free Lunch Studios office to venture on the difficult quest of completing the 24 Hour Comic Challenge on Saturday, October 3rd. Steven Kuster checked in regularly on the group throughout the challenge. Everyone started at 12 noon on Saturday and all the participants were done by 11 am the next day. The youngest challengers were two high schoolers, Lizzy Tramonti and Jessica Mathis. Others involved were, Keith Murphey, Albert Luciano, along with hosts Matt Ryan and Steve Kanaras. Sue and Everett Soares were there to support and encourage all the participants. A good time was had by all and everyone is already looking towards next year.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Free Lunch Jam Team makes a difference!

Pictured here are the pieces submitted by the Free Lunch Studios Weekly Jam members for Wonder Woman Day! Every Monday night, Free Lunch opens its doors to welcome artists and writers to network, draw and write. The artists came together for a group submission to donate for a cause that brings awareness and support to victims of domestic violence. On Monday September 15th, the Free Lunch Studios Monday Night Jammers started drawing their contributions for Wonder Woman Day 4. In past years, Wonder Woman Day I-III has raised over $69,000 for Domestic Violence Shelters and Crisis Lines in Portland, Oregon and Flemington, NJ. Monday September 21st, all the pieces were collected from David Davies, Yuko Salvadori, Norman Katz, Chris Jennison, James Rodriguez and Matt Ryan to donate to the cause.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rusty Haller Benefit Gallery

July 19, 2009 marked the date of the Rusty Haller Benefit at Free Lunch Studios. We were able to collect over $1300 for our friend and colleague. Here are some memorable moments from the event. Thanks to the myriad of donors, sponsors, attendees, and supporters. We were overwhelmed with the outpouring of generosity.