Sunday, September 18, 2011

Something Scary Gallery!

Artists! Free Lunch Studios is holding an Gallery Show called "Something Scary!"
We seek your interpretation of "Something Scary" for a Halloween themed display and consignment sales. Details below!

Eligibility: Free Lunch Comics is looking for imaginative, creative artists, painters, illustrators, collage artists, and others to participate in our Gallery 2011, "Something Scary".

Opening & Awards Reception: Monday, October 31st from 6-9 p.m. All entry artists are encouraged to attend the show.

Submissions: You can submit paintings, collage, mixed media, and drawings. All work submitted must be framed with mechanics ready to hang or mount for display.

Size Limits: None

Delivery: Call 860-305-6621 to arrange delivery options.

Notifications: Will occur by email or Facebook.

Return: Artist will be notified when to pick up their declined work. Accepted, unsold work must be picked up on November 26th - 27th.

Requirements: Artisits whose work is selected must meet the following requirements:
Fees: $5 hanging fee for each entry, limit: five.Entry form for each piece. Each flat piece must be framed unless specific arrangements made. Free Lunch Comics reserves the right to display or refuse work for any reason.

Entry Procedure

Art Work
Attach entry form to each piece
$5 check (payable to FLS) or cash for each piece
Brief artist statement
Delivery to:
Free Lunch Studio,
Granby Commons 518 Salmon Brook St
Granby, CT 06035
For additional information, contact us at

Entry Form / Attach following info to each piece.

Name: ____________________________________

Address: __________________________________

City/ST/ZIP: ________________________________

Phone: ____________________________________

Email: ____________________________________

Qty of entries: 1__ 2__ 3__ 4__ 5__

Title: _____________________________________

Medium: __________________________________

Retail Price: _______________________________

Size: _____________________________________

Emailed out


Date: ________________
for FLS use
Accepted _______ Declined ________

Sunday, September 11, 2011 upgrade and spinner gets 52! is going through some changes...if you have not seen it yet - it might be time to see all things Free Lunch at one site!

The Spinner Rack is seeing some exciting things these days as well! We have (on top of our existing stock) issue #1 of Detective Comics, Superman, Animal Man, OMAC, Justice League, Bat Wing, Justice International, Green Arrow, Stormwatch, Men of War, Static Shock, and Hawk & Dove!

Free Lunch is in the Funny Book Business, and you are welcome to join up! If you want comics? We'll get 'em for you! We have an in-store copy of Previews magazine for you to check out every month and make your selections. Do you have questions about what you're ordering...our staff is super experienced with stories, publishers and talent! So come on by and start your pull list today! Open hours: Monday from 6:00 to 8:30p, Sundays 9:00 - 5:00 and by appointment.