Thursday, October 18, 2012

Science Fact O Pedia with JUNK FOOD!

Wendy Leonard,  PhD, MPH is an award-winning expert medical writer and has been using her gift for translating medical jargon into lay-friendly language for over 25 years. She was kind enough to invite Steve and Matt to create Junk Food for her book! Sky Horse Publishing and Harper Collins have just released the book and Free Lunch just ordered a crate full! You want it? Free Lunch has it! Free original 'toon for every order!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Women of Wonder Day 2012

Women of Wonder Day is coming! In October 2006-2011, the Wonder Woman Day I-V and Women Of Wonder Day events raised over $136,000 for Domestic Violence programs in Portland, Oregon, Flemington, New Jersey, and San Antonio, Texas. The five-year combination of auctions of over 1,100 original art pieces, plus collectibles, autograph signings, and photo opportunities garnered spectacular turnouts and five Mayoral Proclamations! Once again, Free Lunch Studios is blessed to have the opportunity to donate some great work to a great cause.  Ryan McCarthy and Lindsay Barth's art will be at Texas and Brad Gilchrist, Keith Murphey and Matt Ryan's work is headed to Oregon!